neuvo york / by lalalalauren

i am unprepared and nervous sitting at the barcelona airport waiting for my flight to new york city that is already two hours delayed due to the massive snow storm in waiting for me across the ocean. it was sunny at the beach yesterday and in nine hours i will be walking through dirty slushy snow with wet socks from the holes in my boots. believe me, this is me trying to be optimistic. its not easy when leaving beautiful barcelona to new york during the worst time of the year for five weeks. i know i know! new york is pretty, even in the snow. even in the dirty black mess of what used to be snow? well, the job i am working while there will give me the much needed money to survive my life in spain and a lot of really good experience. these are good things!!... as long as i can stay warm and not have a panic attack from weeks of crashing on couches, soggy socks, long days at work, and annoying fashion week people.
in the wise advice of my short friend mischa,
"dont forget to come home!!"
and i wont.