barcelona fall / by lalalalauren

the rain followed me from paris to barcelona but i am so happy i almost didn't notice the torrential downpour until my precious rainbow umbrella blew inside out by the strong gusts of the barcelona wind!! all my shoes have holes in them and all my socks are wet but i am wearing a big smile on my face so you'd never even know it! the bronzed golden tone that had occupied everyone's skin like a blanket this summer has faded and it is now clearly visible that the barcelona summer is really over. which is interesting to me, because my love affair with barcelona started at the high-point of summer at the end of june. so many things happened to me that first time in barcelona, and i was so sad to think after my tan from that week faded away, that the friendships, feelings, and memories i experienced would fade away with it. yet, i guess i took matters into my own hands and didn't let that happen, i came back a month later, before my tan had time to escape. i let the sun camp out on my body in my white bikini and stayed for three weeks, sleeping under the sun, next to the sea, on rooftops and in yellow rooms and it was those three weeks that made me realize i needed to pack up my paris life and bring it here. and i did. so the fact that summer is over and i actually made it here is exciting; and to see what the next seasons can offer to me here as i start my new life in spain is even more exhilarating. so i am watching the leaves dance and play from the balcony and they are turning orange like a burning flame and when the golden sun shines through them i fear they might combust like a distant star.

room 3, alicante, spain