fate&chance / by lalalalauren

holy moly the weather this week has been sooo dreadful. my boyfriend leaves to LA for 10 days on friday and ughh i am so jel. i could really go for a dose of america... maybe just a week, or a weekend! i would be able to watch lost at its orgininal time and be as wonderfully confused as the rest of all of america at the very same time!
speaking of lost, i was thinking that after paris i would maybe try living somewhere non-metropolitan and surrounded with beaches. basically just learn to surf and get that olive skintone that i used to have when i was growing up in arizona. at the same time, i completely thrive after the big city lifestyle... whether it was the fast walkin, fast talkin, dirty grimey streets of brooklyn and new york city... or the romantic haussmann buildings, the stinking homeless men, the cigarette covered streets and grey skies of paris... after living in new york city and paris, a girl has got to wonder, what's next?
of course getting my degree needs to happen sooner rather than later... and for that im thinking the easiest thing would be to go back to the states... to either los angeles or back to brooklyn. although, over the past couple years i have come to the conclusion that cold winters are not for me. winter sucks the life and soul out of a person who grew up in the sun, and also, i absouletly deteste wearing coats and all those horrible bulky winter layers. this is why la seems like a logical new destination for me to save up some money and finish school... yet i am still not sold on it. there are so many places to go and things to see, how can i decide! i have somewhat been putting off going to london, because i am postitive i will looove it, and it seems like a medium between the states and europe (enter: the language barrier).
i guess at this point the only thing i can do is travel as much and as cheaply as possibly around europe while im here, seeking new opportunities and new adventures and finding potential cities to make a new home in. i guess if i just live each day by day that things will work themselves out and i will find the destination i am searching for...